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At MotherWit, we know that birth and the early weeks of parenting deeply matter to the healthy, happy development of a family.  

Our vision at MotherWit is for every parent-to-be, birth giver, birth partner and new parent to feel amazing about themselves.  No matter what.  You’ve got this…and we’ve got you.

With over two decades of experience, our MotherWit Ottawa doula team understands how varied the support needs of every pregnant and new family are.  Our mission is to offer nuanced, personalized services to meet your unique needs, providing you with insightful support for extraordinary transformation.

Birth Doula Care

If you want a personal birth coach who will guide, respect, and support you throughout one of the most powerful experiences known to humankind (however it goes and however long it takes), Birth Doula Care is for you.

Postpartum Care

A family is born (or expanded)! For optimal adjustment and enjoyment of  life with Baby for all family members, MotherWit offers Postpartum Doula Care, Sibling Doula Care, and Overnight Doula Care.

Prenatal Classes

More than just learning what to REALLY expect when you’re expecting, you’ll learn what to DO!  Birth Essentials Prenatal Classes prepare the birthing parent and partner for all aspects of pregnancy, labour and delivery, and life with a new baby!

Overnight Care

Night time is hard with a new baby.  An Overnight Doula supports you in mastering night-time parenting on your terms, providing reassuring company if you’re awake in the wee hours, as well as tending to your baby while you sleep.

Birth Pool Rental

Rent a professional grade birth pool for your home water birth! We provide the pool, disposable liner and all required accessories. Delivery and pickup included!

Sibling Care

Are you expecting another baby?  Does wondering what you’re going to do with your child/ren when you go into labour cause you stress? Or are you interested in having someone tend to your child during your homebirth?  Look no further!

Placenta Encapsulation

Experience the benefits of placenta medicine. We’ll pick up your placenta from your place of birth, process, encapsulate and deliver to you within 24 hours! We prepare your placenta in the Traditional Chinese Method.





There is so much conflicting information and philosophies about birth and parenting out there.  We know you want to ensure the choices you make are the best choices for you and your family. We understand how easy it is to feel overwhelmed.

Many parents-to-be and new parents find that time with their primary care provider is limited, and don’t feel that their personal questions and concerns are addressed fully.  Our prenatal visits, postpartum follow ups, and email/phone support give you TIME to use us as sounding boards, informational resources, and sources of calming reassurance.  We do not charge extra if your birth happens to be longer than average.

MotherWit Ottawa Doula Care has borne witness to and loved all types of birth/parenting experiences and expressions of family.  

We know that the best choices are the ones that make you and your family feel secure and happy.  There is no one ideal way to do this.  You’ve got this.  And we’ve got you.







Why MotherWit?


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Our MotherWit Ottawa Doula  Care Team

Christine Crook MotherWit Ottawa Doula

Christine Crook

Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator

An Ottawa doula since 2011, as mother of two and a photographer, I draw upon my ever-continuing education and wealth of experience to accompany families as they journey through pregnancy, birth, and the Baby Moon. Respectful of each family’s different needs, I offer non-judgemental guidance and information sharing to encourage their inner wisdom to surface during this life changing event of becoming a family. I was invited by clients to photograph their planned home birth and upon arriving at the birth I became captivated by what a saw! A powerful mom labouring in her birth tub, her partner close by holding her hand, and her doula just as close rubbing her back. It was that moment that I dreamed of being in “this” environment as much as possible and I wanted to be “that” person….the DOULA!! Who was this person and how could I become her? I quickly did my research, and signed up for the next training I could. Bearing witness, holding space and being present as a mother and father welcome their baby earth side is my greatest joy, whether it be at home, the birthing centre, or the hospital. When I am not driving my two teenagers to their activities or tucking new families in with their babies, I love to attend Book Club, unwind with my girlfriends, practice yoga and visit the spa! Although I carry a full family load and a full-time Doula career, self care is also a priority so I can best serve others!


My experience as a mother, a wife, and a friend has taught me patience, empathy and how to stay calm. My involvement as a nanny, a service provider, and an educator has inspired me to be caring, non judgemental, and truly loving. These qualities as a doula help me to provide a safe and peaceful environment during the vulnerable time of becoming parents. I started my doula career as a volunteer over a decade ago. The greatest lesson I have learned is that listening to one’s intuition is the best tool while transitioning into a parent. I have made it a priority to hold space for parents, so they can connect with their intuition during this sacred time in their lives. Life has taught me to have trust that we have everything we need at every moment. To enter there we need to feel calm, safe, and supported. The most meaningful time I spend with parents is reassuring and educating them to make sure they are feeling exactly that. Dancing makes me happy. Yoga-nidra meditation allows me to rest. Creating art enables me to be focused. Water helps me to be calm. Time spend with the trees keeps me grounded. Playing in the waves always gives me the biggest joy. The only thing to enhance that is doing it with my children and husband. Being in service to people has always been my passion.


Zoia Nikolova MotherWit Ottawa Doula

Zoia Nikolova

Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator

Hayley Kew MotherWit Ottawa Doula

Hayley Kew

Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator

My philosophy as a birth doula is a basic one – to support each mother/couple in achieving the birth they choose. I will support you in your choice to move towards achieving a non medicated birth as well as the use pain management or medical intervention if that is your desire. I do not see it as my role to decide what is right or wrong for each mother/couple. My function as a doula is to provide information regarding options (both natural and medical) and to provide comfort techniques and emotional support to each mother/couple. I will meet with the mother/couple in the prenatal stage to explore birth options. This gives us an opportunity to prepare a birth ‘wish list’ and practise techniques which are helpful during the labour process. Each mother/couple will decide how hands-on my work as a doula will be.In the past I have had experience with partners who have not been comfortable with a hands-on role. In these situations I have provided most of the physical support and at times my clients wished me to provide mainly verbal and emotional support. I am comfortable in either situation and through our prenatal interaction you will decide what my role will be, all the while knowing that if on the day of the birth your feelings change I will be there to support you in any way you desire. My goal as a doula is to be available for my clients and to help facilitate communication between mother/couple and the health care providers. I do not speak for my clients but make every effort to ensure they have sufficient time to have their questions and concerns addressed so they feel comfortable with the manner in which their birth is unfolding.


Becoming a mother was a transformative experience for me. My own postpartum experiences awakened a passion inside me to support families as they bring their babies into the world, and navigate their own postpartum experiences in the ways that work best for them. I draw upon my post-graduate degree in microbiology and my background in the sciences to inform my interest in herbal remedies for the childbearing year. Through personal and professional experience I have come to believe the current culture and illusion of the “Super Mom” is an impossible standard, and a very damaging concept that can cause such unnecessary hardship and stress in the life of a mother. After birth, resting and bonding are crucial for the mother, her partner, and newborn baby to begin their new life together. As a doula dedicated to learning what is needed through listening without judgement, it is my mission to encourage mothers and their families to find and follow their intuition about how they wish to live and thrive as a family. I am a mother of three children, though my son Connor has never lived Earth Side. Losing him broke my heart, but in the process of grieving him, I have learned so much about myself and have found the courage to follow my passions. My experience led me to seek advanced training in supporting pre and perinatal loss so that I can provide a safe space for grieving parents. When I’m not wearing a baby or making a new family a meal, I love to read, hike in the woods, and travel.



Sarah Mcilwham MotherWit Ottawa Doula

Sarah McIlwham

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Our Experience

All of our MotherWit Ottawa Doula Care team are not only MotherWit trained and certified doulas, but have relevant educational and professional backgrounds to inform and nurture your journey into parenthood. We have experience with:

  • Normal, physiologic birth
  • Hospital, Birthing Centre, and Home Birth
  • Birth with pain medication
  • Induction
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)…even after two Cesareans
  • Vaginal Breech Birth
  • Vaginal Birth of Twins
  • Cesarean (planned AND unplanned)
  • Perinatal Loss
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Survivors of Trauma
  • Families with Histories of Anxiety and Depression
  • Families with Health Challenges
  • LGBTQ Families
  • Polyamorous Families
  • Single-Parent Families
  • Teen Parents
  • Families of Diverse Ethnic and Religious Backgrounds
  • Surrogacy
  • Adoption
  • and much more

Meet the MotherWit Ottawa Doula Night!

Come and meet the MotherWit Ottawa Doula Care team in person, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Learn more about how a  MotherWit Ottawa Doula can help during pregnancy, labour, delivery and after. Discover why Birth Essentials Prenatal Classes, in group or private sessions, are the most informative and interactive child birth preparation classes in Ottawa.  

You’ve got this… and we’ve got you!


 7:30pm  779 Bank St. #203 Ottawa ON 

No Need to RSVP

If you can’t make it please contact us and we can arrange a free private meeting!

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Zoia was my doula and I couldn’t have possibly been in better hands or better supported. She provided crucial information, necessary encouragement and inspiring support. She is amazing. Everybody should be so lucky to have her attend their birth.

I know I am!


Simona Ioffe

Christine was simply amazing. She stayed with us through 48 hours of labor (including an emergency caesarean section) and was an incredible source of information, support and strength. Through our experience with her, she has become a part of our family and will no doubt be invited to attend the births of our future children. I recommend Christine completely and whole heartedly.

We love you Christine!


Carrie Innes and Jason White

As first time parents we were quite unsure of what to expect…and felt anxious about the birth and about how we would cope with a newborn. When we first met Hayley we found her to be very calming and knowledgeable. Her presence at the birth helped to keep us calm and allowed my husband to focus on coaching me through the process. We opted to meet with Hayley a few times after the birth, we found these visits helpful as they provided us with opportunities to ask additional questions. I would not hesitate to recommend Hayley to anyone seeking a doula.


Veera, Ottawa, ON

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